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    Arrow Vertex API to retrieve Vertex global positions and amend it if necessary


    I am trying to set up a reconciliation between Vertex and an external LP.

    Through Vertex LP API, we send orders to this liquidity providers.

    But we want to regularly check that the position we have in Vertex is really the one in the LP. This would be very dangerous to have hidden trades in the LP not being seen by Vertex.

    Which API sould we use to retrive this Vertex position statement and how could we resynchronise Vetrex if vertex has a wrong position.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Post Log File


    So far, you may know by visiting the log file at the same path where VertexFX Bridge is installed. Do a simple search over the Ticket ID to get more information.

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    It is not possible to do that with back office API?

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    Yes, you can do that using the Backoffice API. We are taking this feature as a suggested feature but I am afraid it does not have a time frame for the release. Thus and as stated earlier, you can do your own Bridge using the Backoffice API to do the feature.

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