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    Default Vertex currency server API integration


    we are trying to get a third party feed into the currency server. We have an API from the exchange allowing us to get their data. This is a .NET API.

    We should use the Vertex Currency Server API to be able to do that if I have well understood.

    I have installed the currency server API .exe I have a tester but no DLL or clear instructions. For information I am also working on the LP bridge API so I was expecting something similar.

    Is there a doc somewhere explaining how to proceed and test the integration?

    I can not open the sample. Are you sure it is complete? I can open the Liquidity Bridge API sample without issues.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hello Nicolas,

    Would you explain more of your post " can not open the sample. Are you sure it is complete?"? Note that the sample that comes with the currency server API setup is a VB6 sample.

    I have downloaded the currency server API setup file and was able to perform the setup and open the sample successfully and so is on the application. You can visit the VertexFX Currency Server API Webframe help by clicking here or by visiting the Help topics that come with the setup after installing the API.

    Please let me know of other help you may need.

    Thank you.

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    why using VB6, a language which is not supported by Microsoft anymore?

    Could you confirm the API is working on Windows 7 64 bits? Did you test it? We built a project in C# as per the sample but the communication does not work.
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    Yes, the API is 64-bit supported. In some cases Windows Vista/Windows 7 prevent some executable codes from running/executing probably. This happens because of Data Execution Prevention (DEP) this happens in some cases, which means, this does not apply on all machines, the API could work on different machines with the same Operating System..

    Snippet from Wikipedia about this:

    Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that is intended to prevent an application or service from executing code from a non-executable memory region. This helps prevent certain exploits that store code via a buffer overflow, for example. DEP runs in two modes: hardware-enforced DEP for CPUs that can mark memory pages as non-executable, and software-enforced DEP with a limited prevention for CPUs that do not have hardware support. Software-enforced DEP does not protect from execution of code in data pages, but instead from another type of attack (SEH overwrite).
    The fix/solution for this case is that we have wrote two patch files for turning on DEP and turning off DEP. This way, you will be able to turn on/off the DEP at anytime you want. You can download those patch files by clicking here.

    • It's better to run those patch files as an Administrator.
    • After turning off the DEP, restart your machine.

    You may get more information about DEP by Clicking Here...

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