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    How to use VertexFX APIs
    VertexFX APIs are mostly ActiveX components (DLLs) that can be imported with any programming language (VB6, C++, VB.NET, JAVA etc). So import them, make objects from the classes (you may need help from a programmer to do this) and start using the events, functions and subs to create your applications.

    As This was written on your web site.....
    After installation of
    VertexFX APIs can you please guide me how can I use your VertexFX API with java environment. Thanks,

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    I asked you about how I can use this client API with JAVA please give me some suggestions.

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    1. You have to turn DEP off on your development machine ( please make sure to disable the secure boot also on bios) please check this article, as for client machines please note there is no need to turn the DEP off or the secure boot on the clients computers for more info check this article
    2. Connect the company server using the following points
      1. Reference the {VertexFX Client API} Dll to your project, you can find them on System32 or Syswow64 (VertexFXClientAPI10.X.X.DLL, HSGeneralDLL10.X.X.DLLL,HSClient10.X.X.DLL,VertexT rading10.X.X.DLL). As for how to add them to Java I think that you need to use JACOB, JACOB is a JAVA-COM Bridge that allows you to call COM DLL (Sorry i cant help you in this matter because i'm not a java developer.)
      2. Define Object with events of type CVertexFXClientAPI class, after that call the following two methods:
        1. Object.SetLoginInfo
        2. Object.Login

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    Can you pleas prove me simple basic code for login and where i can find out the ip address and port of server of my demo account???

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    Can you please provide me the same thing for java as in this link...


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    Our demo server IP is Port 4401 , sorry I cant help you in java you can contact java expert about how to add the Activex DLL's to JAVA

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    I had done that thing Add activex dll in java... but don't have any clue about how can I start about what you said... in point 2

    Define Object with events of type CVertexFXClientAPI class, after that call the following two methods:

    1. Object.SetLoginInfo
    2. Object.Login

    Can you please explain this point in little bit more details..... That could be helpful for me.

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    first of all you must create an object of type CVertexFXClientAPI
    like this to see all events and methods on the API
    Public withEvents API as CvertexFXClientAPI

    then set this code on where you want to start login such as on the button

    API.SetLoginInfo("UserName", "Password", "ServerIP", Port)
    for more details check our client API documentation.
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    after placing this code how can i resolve the import issue about this variable??
    withEvents cannot be resolved to a type?
    Please give me some sample code. After that this documentation will help me and what is the full ISV Development API KIT???
    hava a look at this url

    I am not in case of vertex what i should have to pass instead of this "Com.Calculation"

    ActiveXComponent comp=newActiveXComponent("Com.Calculation");

    This example working fine. Even i registered vertex client api dlls too. But need some clue to break through to start up.
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    Hi I got it its the string registered in the registry of the machine HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\VertexFXClient API10.CVertexFXClientAPI need to pass this "VertexFXClientAPI10.CVertexFXClientAPI" and it will create object.

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    Hi every time Run my program its says this.... even when i try to get some information related to my account it give me this error "You have to use Vertex FX API Version 10.5.0 or more" also attach the image.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	You have to use Vertex FX API Version 10.5.0 or more.JPG 
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    "Our demo server IP is Port 4401" what about the if i want to connect to my Live account??

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    Our main class is CvertexFXClientAPI which is exist inVertexFXClientAPI library (VertexFXClientAPI10.5.2.DLL), in this class you can find all methods & events that exist on our documentation.


    • you can find a VB6 & .Net on the installation path (C:\Program Files (x86)\VertexFX Client API).
    • we sent you the VertexFX Client API 10.5 & 10.2 , you have to use Client API 10.5 if you connect system with version 10.5 and Client API 10.2 if your system version is 10.2 to check the system version open Help tab then click on About button

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    Thanks Hassan for your help...

    I had done a lot of things now.

    Now I need what about Ip address and Port if I want to connect to my Live account??

    In other words
    Port 4401 is standard for all vertex??

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    Java code successfully login through API...

    System.out.println(, "SetLoginInfo","USER21250", "XXXX", "", 4401));
    System.out.println(, "Login"));

    System.out.println("ServerIP-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("ServerIP").getString( ));
    System.out.println("ServerPort-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("ServerPort").getStrin g());
    System.out.println("LoginUsername-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("LoginUsername").getSt ring());
    //System.out.println("LoginPassword-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("LoginPassword").getSt ring());
    System.out.println("Version-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("Version").getString() );
    System.out.println("ServerGMTOffset-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("ServerGMTOffset").get String());
    System.out.println("OrdersCount-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("OrdersCount").getStri ng());
    System.out.println("Release-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("Release").getString() );
    System.out.println("Patch-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("Patch").getString() );
    System.out.println("LogedOn-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("LogedOn").getString() );
    // System.out.println(vertexClient.getProperty("Limit Price").getString());
    System.out.println("SymbolsCount-->"+vertexClient.getProperty("SymbolsCount").getStr ing());

    The console output.....
    Why i am getting some property null and this error when trying to get property of account object.... the code is : ActiveXComponent vertexClientAccountt =new ActiveXComponent("VertexFXClientAPI10.COAccount"); Variant account = vertexClientAccountt.getProperty("Account");

    The Library been loaded, and an activeX component been created
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@15a0305
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@765a16
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@e80842
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@16fe0f4
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@cbf30e
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@1ec6696
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@a4e2e3
    2. ConnectionState event fired..[;@134f69a
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@fd68b1
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@4b035d
    8. WaitingMode event fired..[;@198a455
    # An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment:
    # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x7723e3be, pid=19740, tid=17744
    # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (11.0-b16 mixed mode windows-x86)
    # Problematic frame:
    # C [ntdll.dll+0x2e3be]
    # An error report file with more information is saved as:
    # D:\backups\projects\workspace\VertexDemo\hs_err_pi d19740.log
    # If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:
    # The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code.
    # See problematic frame for where to report the bug.

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