This is an easy and friendly supporting document for e-Broker; it allows you to concentrate on all parts of the e-Broker needed to be learned by automatically laying out generated topics in a consistent and professional style.

Windows Requiered
We developed VertexFX to overcome most of windows Vista security issues that affected the system installation and running, along with a smooth run on windows server environment.

Since VertexFX is compatible with windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven and now windows server, you donít have to worry what is your windows version when you install and run e-Broker.

e-Broker can be installed by downloading the setup file from the corresponding trading platform link in the Market Maker Web site.

Log in to the system
To login to the system:
Go to View → Login (Ctrl +L).
Click on on the tool bar.

When a small window appears to you, fill-in the valid user name, password and account id for your client that has been given to you by your market maker. Once you do that, you are officially connected to the system now and ready to use it.