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    blaidd drwg

    Default GetTime at last closed bar

    how to get GetTime from last closed bar ?
    And how to get GetTime from bars(0)-n ?
    What is the relatin between Record parameter and Time ?

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    You can use this method


    Public Sub main()
      Dim result 
      result = GetTime(0,50)
    ' 0 means get the time for the current chart
    ' 50 means the bar #50 which the oldest bar=1 and the current bar= bars(0).
    ' the time for the last closed bar in the current chart = GetTime (0,bars(0)-1)
      If result = "0" Then
       MsgBox "The returned value  from GetTime  is 0 .To get the detailed error information, call GetLastError()."
       elseif  result = "" then
       MsgBox "The local history is empty"
       MsgBox "The Time Value for the bar of indicated chart is : " &  result
      End If 
     End Sub

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    blaidd drwg


    Thank You :-)

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