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08-05-2008, 08:14 AM

FIrst of all
Hi i am a new member at the forum, and for a long time i was monitoring, but now i have some thing to say

I am a programmer and i has the VertexFX Client API and BO Api, now i have programmed a new great features,
now i want to develop some features i want to program, but the API forced me down, like programming limit orders,
also, i has some experiences at charts, the vertexfx chart is great, especially at the version 9.1.1 that i have seen at your website, but i have some ideas i can develop at the chart, but that was not available at the API, sure coz i can understand that the charts has some components in the background, but can i share with you some ideas? hope that Hybrid-Solutions hear me and try to develop some, that will get the system much better, as long as it is one of the bests

Note, At the what is new in version 9.1.1, no words was said about charts, while i have seen all the chart was changed, many bugs was solved, and the chart is now very good, and i see that some words has to be said about charts in version 9.1.1


08-05-2008, 12:40 PM
Dear ForexKING,
First of all we would like to thank you for your notes.
For the Limit orders programming in the API, actually this is not supported in the current version of the API, but we are working on it and will be released in the next version of the API.

And about the New Features in VertexFX 9.1.1, We wrote only the main features in the release notes, while there is a lot of small features and solved bugs in the new version.

And upon to your request we will update the release notes to have everything done in version 9.1.1.

We appreciate your participation.

Best Regards.

Ahmad M. Musa
Hybrid Solutions