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11-10-2011, 03:12 AM
Right now we are working through excel for price conversion of quote to Nepali from USD. We are facing many issues through it. Our price are not stable and encounter regular spikes.
Now we want to formulate some formula through currency server API. As we have bunch of VB programmers here with our team we can do this. At current scenario we have all the required objects, syntax and functions from help after installing the API.
Now we want to know how to integrate those programs into our current server application. Whether we have to replace DLLs or there are some other techniques. Please let us know. It is urgent as we want to have our own formulations that is now quite dependable if we go through excel.


11-13-2011, 12:49 PM
Dear shuvas,

Thank you for your thread submission.

After developing the Currency Server using the Currency Server API, you should add a new datafeed via your backoffice by following the following steps:

At first you will need to login to the Backoffice system.
After the system is connected go to Tools - Options - select the tab named Data Feeds.
On the Currency Interval area press right click and then choose New Feed as it's shown in the following picture :


After that a window will appear to you as in the following picture and here you will start typing the new feed information.


In Description blank here you will fill it with the name of the now feed, or with its description.
Fill the Server blank with the IP "your data feed server IP" of the server and follow it with the port number "Currency server Port".
Example: IP : port (Remove the space between ip and port)
Then enter the Username/Password on their blanks, those will be The same US/PW that were set on the server.
After you be sure that you fill all the blanks with correct information press OK, and a new feed will be added. Take a look at this picture:


Take another look at the following window, it's the Data Feeds Window, and you will notice that there is tow check boxes, the Switching interval, and the Currency Servers window.

Auto switch between feeds, after price stopping for a [ ] seconds is the first check box on this window, and If you checked it you can set how many seconds that will waited till the system switches to another feed in case the current connected feed disconnected or all symbols stopped moving.
Alert me when the active feed disconnected is the second check box, and this is to give you an alert if the current connect feed disconnected.
Switching interval window: From this option you can Enable the AUTO SWITCHING option mentioned above in the selected period of time. Normally it's set to be as the opening and closing timing of the market for the whole week. For example set it to From = Sunday, 23:59 To = Friday, 23:59, in this case the Auto Switching will be enabled at this interval, so in case the Feed stopped, system will be auto switched to feed next. But in Saturday (not included in the interval) system will not be switched and Auto Switching will be disabled. This makes sense as when the market is closed, system should not keep switching between Feeds.
Currency server's window: From this window you can see the data feed that were set, and you will notice that the connected feed is in green colour and the others are in red. Also you can either Connect, Disconnect, edit, set a New feed, or Remove feed (that will be by right click on the desired feed and choose the transaction that you want).
In the end press OK to save the changes that you made.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

Thank you.