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  1. VertexFX Client API
  2. Charts in API
  3. VertexFX Currency Server API
  4. E-Broker benefits and usage
  5. vertex back office API
  6. Retreive dealer/Client Name using it ID
  7. isChildOf Property in BOAPI
  8. BOAPI Connection using Windows 7
  9. Help Using API { URGENT}
  10. Generating Reports in BOAPI {URGENT}
  11. Distinguish different reports
  12. API features request
  13. Retreive list of accounts for specified Office/Group
  14. API help ,,
  15. Currency Server API
  16. Uncaught exception 'com_exception' with message 'Failed to create COM object'
  17. Unable to connect by VB.NET sample with VertexFX API
  18. Client authenciation validation
  19. Error loading DLL in Vertex Bridge LP API Tester
  20. VertexFX Bridge LP API Tester - Not Connected
  21. Fx Client API
  22. Vertex currency server API integration
  23. Vertex API to retrieve Vertex global positions and amend it if necessary
  24. Overflow exception Runtime '6',
  25. Orders and Specify Price
  26. convert expert advisor of mt4 to vtl
  27. Bridge API Tester : Make New Market Order' button not getting enabled
  28. Convert MQL EA to VTL
  29. Convert from MQL to VTL
  30. looking for someone to create a live forex chats widget
  31. Account registration API
  32. Convert MQL EA to VTL
  33. Account opening API / PHP
  34. Currency Server API properties - problem with value assignment
  35. Unable to get account summary and open positions from demo account
  36. converting mql4 to vtl ea
  37. Converting MQL to VTL
  38. Cann't open BuyStop order
  39. How can I get SL/TP of an open position?
  40. How to find Candle high of a currency pair
  41. Bridge API dll, price is not set properly
  42. Api vertex issue
  43. WCF GetChartData does not include the current bar
  44. WCF timestamps and timeones
  45. Multiple concurrent apps using the WCF
  46. Api help vertexfx client
  47. How to get Price of items from xls sheet present at our server
  48. Need more price like LTP, Open and close price etc...
  49. Useing MACD indicator in Server Script
  50. Create Demo Account
  51. How to get minimum and maximum lot size allowed
  52. help about wrting custom indicators
  53. Cycle Trading on automatic signle basis
  54. NewSLTPOrder retruns 9 in result
  55. Fraction in lot size
  56. Time shown on Chart and Trade not same
  57. Server side script is not running
  58. Problem in appliation, account created for wrong client
  59. Problem in finding the stop loss
  60. how to find the orderlots in vtl
  61. How to call MarketInfo (MQL) in VTL?
  62. Having problem in the vtl ea
  63. Please help to return value from functions in client script
  64. Vertex Currency Server API 10 with low latency feed
  65. Convert VTL from Server-side to Client-side
  66. Please help to check open orders in client side script
  67. Currency Server API 10
  68. VTL- SLTP Orders
  69. Running same client side script on multiple chart
  70. Bid/Ask indicator/ea
  71. Close all orders on specific pair Script
  72. Managed Orders
  73. How to get the voluome
  74. Building indicator in VTL
  75. How to convert EA mtl4 to VTL
  76. Unable to add DLL References
  77. Similar VTL Function Needed
  78. MQL to VTL conversion
  79. VTL BASIC Fuctions
  80. Problem With Trailing Stop
  81. How to get server IP address
  82. MQL to VTL conversion -- Similar Functions needed
  83. Error Code -228 while using NewLimitOrder
  84. Problem connecting to the server
  85. TP and SL as a percentage on the deposit value
  86. InvalidAmountResult
  87. Similar VTL functions needed
  88. mql To vtll conversion
  89. convert the code into vtl
  90. MQL to VTL conversion -- help needed
  91. Currency Server API
  92. Set variable external.
  93. C# Program Crashes on calling the login function
  94. Error in Update SL/TP
  95. RequestReport and active symbols for an account
  96. VTL Functions
  97. NewTick Method not returning PipLocation
  98. Backoffice API questions
  99. Updating values of a Custom Indicator
  100. Full Trade Report from Vertex Client API V 10
  101. Not getting Trade for Limit Orders
  102. SMS dll Error
  103. Get Prices Using Webservice
  104. help needed in VTL script
  105. Building Custom Indicator in VTL
  106. How to setup Vertex Client API V 10 in Production Environment
  107. SLTP order update problem in Server side script
  108. How can we read positions from history in local script
  109. 10.2 api
  110. How to get symbol's tick size or value via API
  111. Problem in back office API login
  112. Problem in login to Vertex Api
  113. Plotting Two Indicator lines in the same panel
  114. Transactions history
  115. how to update the properties of Fibonacci retracement
  116. does VTL Script contain SendMail function
  117. How to define a function in VTL Script
  118. MQL to VTL migration
  119. issue on the initial value for arrow indicator
  120. VTL Script CloseAllWithBenifit
  121. Recently been getting a "Runtime Error 457"
  122. Can't run server seide script from demo account
  123. Help neede on OnCalculate method
  124. Help request on Built in ADX indicator
  125. Which Event handler fires first - OnCalculate or OnTick
  126. Trade Functions
  127. need help with this script to calculate every bar
  128. AddObject OBJ_VLINE
  129. Graphic Objects and co ordinates.
  130. GetTime at last closed bar
  131. How to get highest and lowest price on the current chart (screen) ?
  132. Day of week
  133. How to run the script in debug mode?
  134. ArrayMinimum function
  135. How can I get the Time or GMT settings of the Vertex Client
  136. BO API - TransferClient function
  137. Object Name of Custom Indicator plot
  138. freeze level
  139. Vertical text
  140. Array access through index
  141. SymbolInfoDouble with no account logged in
  142. Development of Android and Iphone Trading Application
  143. Stop/Limit on LP Side
  144. Tick Volume
  145. iBandsOnArray
  146. AverageTrueRangeOnArray
  147. MathMax
  148. read from file
  149. link not working
  150. Some questions.. (Smoothed Ma, Ma_Shift, Indicator input etc )
  151. Using MACD indicator in Server side script
  152. Indicator Not Working on Version 10.2.9
  153. PlaySound Function
  154. Error When chart periodicity is changed
  155. WCF Client Connect
  156. Error in Bridge
  157. Server side script not working
  158. RMB mode
  159. Use Time from iTime as time coordinate for AddObject
  160. Convert MQL to VTL
  161. Login Fails
  162. How to send a pending Limit Order from client side VTL
  163. Help on Basics of Server Side Script
  164. Convert UnixTime to Date
  165. OnOrderTrade event Handler Issue
  166. Sever Script Issues
  167. Bridge with FIX LP
  168. Script showing error in different time chart for different insturment
  169. Real integration details
  170. Drawing Area between to moving averages
  171. CCI on Array
  172. Runtime error in client terminal
  173. VTL Help
  174. How to modify script/ ea of vertexfx
  175. STOP/LIMIT orders
  176. I can't get lot value from Open Position
  177. User inputs dialog to custom indicator
  178. Vertex to non-vertex Bridge
  179. I have a couple of doubts in VTL. Admin kindly help
  180. Question : How to access volume of current (or any) bar in VTL ?
  181. How to get values from BollingerBands study into an Array?
  182. How to write on chart?
  183. Multiple Charts in Single window
  184. ADX Indicator Not working after upgrade to 10.5
  185. How to take current spread in OnTick event ?
  186. How to name a script inside the chart and in Data Window ?
  187. How can I draw a text object 3 candles to the right of the current (active) candle
  188. what is the substitute of this statement
  189. get Closing prices for list of FX
  190. Error: NewMarketOrder is not decleared
  191. Server Trade Events
  192. How to read from a text file
  193. How to DISABLE SELECTION of a Label or Text
  194. Sample code does not work
  195. eMail sending code from script
  196. SMS by script
  197. int() function
  198. StochasticOscillator function - Server Side Script
  199. Multiple instances of script
  200. Duration of connection established with data server
  201. Server Side Script - GetChartHistory()
  202. How to remove current indicator from chart ?
  203. Trader's password changing functionality in Vertex backoffice API
  204. Request for VTL Auto trade Script with capability to read from excel file
  205. VertexFx Client API10 Login Error
  206. How to draw a red color dotted horizontal line ?
  207. Help Required. Graphichs Error in VTL
  208. Please help to include MACD indicator in VTL server side script
  209. Help needed on Error
  210. Change password using webservices
  211. Create Demo Account Customization
  212. Webtrader Login program
  213. 3 minute chart
  214. Floating Status
  215. VertexFXBOAPI DLL with C++ application
  216. how to start integrate open real and demo accounts
  217. How can I call mysql Stored procedure from VTL Script
  218. Draw a rectangle
  219. Vertex Hanging issue needed help..
  220. how to use VertexFXBOAPI10.5.4.dll
  221. Colouring the indicator
  222. client's data updation using VFX Backoffice API
  223. CreateAccount method of backofficeAPI fails to give proper response message
  224. Client API, Server IP and Port
  225. Error in MACD code
  226. Need some help
  227. How to query the comment of a position (CPosition) in server side script ?
  228. How to query Open, High, Low etc of current candle in VTL Server Side script ?
  229. Stop-loss in BUY-STOP and SELL-STOP orders not working correctly
  230. ObjectGet ?
  231. after applying an indicator the both the charts are shrinking
  232. Draw a candle
  233. Custom Indicator
  234. Bars count
  235. Urget feature needed
  236. Need Help for EA
  237. Error in Back Office API
  238. General Information on the development perspective of VertexFx
  239. Client API - Clarification Regarding Account
  240. How to read Notes in Positions
  241. Currency Server API Compatibility Issue?
  242. WebTrader login
  243. Vlado Server Side VTL EA
  244. Graal Cross Server Side EA
  245. Trend Arrows Indicator
  246. Channel Breakout Basic
  247. How to pop up Parameters of a VTl inside chart ?
  248. Fiji BB Alert
  249. Issue when running VertexFX Bridge LP API Tester
  250. Kalman Filter