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    Default Remaining amount available to manage in open positions

    Dear Sir,

    is there an API to know amount of lots already managed for an open position (SL and TP) and the remaining amount available to manage ?

    if there is not a direct api to get this, what method do you propose to get this value ?

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    Dear Ahmakki85

    Unfortunately there is no method that use to get the remaining amount but you can create your own method Check the following code may it will help you

    public function GetRemainingLot (TicketID as Integer , TicketLot as Double) as Double 
      Dim lot as double  = 0 
      For i as Integer = 0 to BOAPI.OrdersCount -1 
         Dim vorder as COOrder 
         vorder = BOAPI.OrderByIndex(i)
         if vorder isNot nothing then
            if vorder.OrderTicket = TicketID then 
               lot = lot + vOrder.Lots        
            end if 
         end if 
      if ticketlot > lot then
        return ticketlot - lot   
         return 0 
      end if 
    End function

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