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    Default Invalid Order ID


    Can you please check attached its giving Invalid Order ID error. Hope you could suggest some solution for the same.

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    In Buy Order While Updating SL its give INVALID ORDER ID error.

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    Dear BGT

    It seems you send the Position ID instead of SLTP Order ID to UpadteSLTPOrder. and to get the position's SLTP orders you can use RequestManageOrders function.

    check the following sample

    Public Sub main()
        Dim PositionTicket
        If RequestManageOrders (PositionTicket) Then
            AlertMessage "The Request has been sent to the server to get all manage orders related to PositionTicket "
            Alertmessage  ErrorDescription(GetLastError())
        End If 
    End Sub
    'This event raised when calling RequestManageOrders method successfully 
    Public Sub OnManageOrdersReceived(manageOrders)
        Dim i
        'Receiving Manage Order related to PositionTicket 
        if manageOrders.Count=0 then 
            NewSLTPOrder(Clng(manageOrders.Ticket), 0.1,1.12345 , 0.98765 )
            For i = 1 To manageOrders.Count() ' each position may has more than 1 SLTP order (partial manage)
                UPDATESLTPORDER clng(manageOrders.orders(i)), 0.1 , 1.2345 , 0.98678
        end if 
      End Sub
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